Students Devastated At Thought Of Teachers Strike



STUDENTS have expressed their utter devastation at the possibility of an upcoming teaching strike.

The keen learners ranging in age from 12-18 have made their feelings known in regards to the latest impasse between the coalition Government and the teaching unions.

The frosty relationship between the Government and the ASTI remains intact as the teachers’ union failed to reach a satisfactory compromise.

It seems the Government are holding firm on their desire to see the Haddington Road Agreement enforced while the teachers refuse to accept the terms laid out.

A representative for current secondary level students spoke exclusively to WWN: “This threat of a day off with nothing to do that the ASTI is hanging over the heads of students is unbearable.

“Honestly, we can’t abide the idea that we might have 4, 5 days off from school. Jesus, what will we do? Hang out with our friends round the shops, play computer games, go shopping, drink cans and try to cop a feel. This is the nightmare we’re facing”.

Parents similarly have expressed a desire for the Government and the union to find common ground.

“You can fuck off if you think I’m taking time off work to look after that little bollocks!” one concerned parent communicated to WWN.

Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn was unavailable for comment when contacted by WWN but that couldn’t stop us noticing the fact he looks like Ming the Merciless.