Son Sits Parents Down To Give Them The Talk

PINCHING the bridge of his nose while expelling yet another exhausted sigh, son-of-two James Prendeville took a moment to steady himself in a bid to answer his father’s latest question as to why he was staging this intervention. “So, when you say it’s run by a right-wing nutcase, what exactly do you mean, son?” dad Tony Prendeville asked, seemingly oblivious… Read more »

PTSB Treated For PTSD

MANAGEMENT and staff at PTSB branches around the country are to be treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, following a €21 million fine arising out of 42 regulatory breaches surrounding tracker mortgages. Staff at the banks are to receive one-to-one counselling, extra paid days off, and other treatments such as personal masseuses, golf days and free dinners… Read more »

Mona Lisa Sells For 30 Euro At Auction

THERE WAS a flurry of activity in Sothebys of London this morning when arguably the world’s most famous piece of art, the Mona Lisa, went at auction for the sum of 30 euros. Highly competitive bidding on the floor of the auction house as well as on phones manned by Sothebys’ staff made for a… Read more »