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Nostril Plaits: The Next Big Fashion Trend?

NOSTRIL hair has long been frowned upon by society as a ghastly sight, forcing aging men, and women, to trim their nose hair out of shame, but thanks to an ever-inclusive society, Ireland has led the way in a new technique called ‘nose dressing’, WWN reports. “Contrary to popular belief, growing your nose hair is… Read more »

Pippa O’Connor’s 5 Best Handbags For Farting In

THE practice of expelling flatulence into your handbag has saved millions of women across the world from certain embarrassment over the years, so why the big taboo? Model, author and style icon Pippa O’Connor is here to explain more, and picks out five perfect handbags to fart in: The Lazy Suzanne First of all, I’m absolutely thrilled to be… Read more »