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EU Apologises For ‘Pulling An England On It’ By Invoking Article 16

EUROPEAN COMMISSIONER Ursula von der Leyen has unreservedly apologised for ‘acting the complete and utter Brit’ by blithely invoking Article 16 of the withdrawal agreement and setting up the possibility of casually trampling all over the Good Friday Agreement, which was ‘very English of her’. “Who am I, Boris Johnson?” von der Leyen said, accompanying… Read more »

NI Youth Welcome Cheap Petrol Prices

THERE may be conflict in the Middle East and turmoil in the oil markets, but that doesn’t mean the doom and gloom gets transferred to every customer at the petrol pumps; in fact, WWN spoke to a number of Belfast youths over the weekend that say they’re quids in thanks to fluctuating prices. “I saved… Read more »