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McGregor Announces UFC Retirement Ahead Of UFC Comeback

MMA’s Conor McGregor has sparked huge anticipation among fans today after he announced his retirement from the UFC, meaning a stunning comeback is due in the coming weeks or months. While speculation is rife that McGregor has retired to concentrate fully on being handed down community services by judges across America and here at home,… Read more »

We Retrace McGregor’s Steps Before His Miami Arrest

AN incident in Miami saw part-time UFC fighter Conor McGregor allegedly smash and steal a fan’s phone at 5am, and in the ensuing hours a fuller picture is emerging which seems to explain why this happened. WWN Sport wished its resources were being used to talk about a positive event in the Dublin man’s life… Read more »

WWN Guide To Understanding Why Conor McGregor Is Still A Legend

DRY SHITES the world over have displayed a complete lack of understanding of just why part-time UFC fighter Conor ‘Notorious’ McGregor is a complete legend. Described by devoted followers of the popular McGregorism cult so-called ‘stupid fucking cunts with no sense of humour’ have struggled to get their heads around why throwing objects through bus… Read more »

McGregor To Change Name From ‘Notorious’ To ‘Ridiculous’

THE merchandising department of the UFC is today working hard to remove the title ‘Notorious’ from all t-shirts, posters and souvenirs relating to Conor McGregor, after a bizarre series of events in which the acclaimed fighter brought the sport into more disrepute than usual. British star McGregor, known for his colourful outbursts and uncanny ability… Read more »