McGregor Announces UFC Retirement Ahead Of UFC Comeback


MMA’s Conor McGregor has sparked huge anticipation among fans today after he announced his retirement from the UFC, meaning a stunning comeback is due in the coming weeks or months.

While speculation is rife that McGregor has retired to concentrate fully on being handed down community services by judges across America and here at home, there is little doubt that his retirement perfectly sets up his inevitable comeback.

“We will miss Conor for the very brief time he is retired,” confirmed UFC’s Dana White, who has been talking to McGregor’s team about how much it will cost him to help orchestrate an incredible, totally unforeseen comeback.

Rumours of McGregor’s retirement have been circulated for some time, with his last fight against a fan securing the Irish fighter a technical knockout after smashing the fan’s phone and running away. Before that he was beaten by Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018.

The Dublin man’s announcement has had a knock on effect elsewhere as has sadly ceased trading and fired its 400 journalists as its business model was heavily reliant on the 60-Conor-McGregor-articles-a-day industry.

Sales of three piece suits have also plummeted worldwide, and a 4-year UCD degree course in Throwing Shapes Like McGregor has been closed with immediate effect.