Katie Taylor Celebrates World Title Defence With Brawl In Pub


IRISH WORLD boxing champ Katie Taylor chose to celebrate her victory over American Jessica McCaskill in the style befitting a sports star who is admired the world over by adults and children alike.

Taylor’s successful defence of her title has of course dominated every news outlet in Ireland, with inane lists being drawn up by websites whose very existence is tied to clicks generated by mentioning her name, however such support does not come without its consequences.

Taylor, drunk on the adulation that comes with her achievements, has seen her ego swell to dangerous levels with rumours swirling for weeks that she has moved from Diet Coca Cola to regular Coca Cola, and was heard raising her voice above a calm whisper at least once in the last 6 months.

“It’s a slippery slope for Katie and her monstrous ego, most people would be content with making history, but not her,” warned promoter Eddie Hearn, who woke this morning to news of yet more Taylor controversies.

“At first, it was tame enough, she said she was going to stay up passed her bedtime, but before you know it she’s fist first into a brawl in a bar with people involved in organised crime,” Hearn added, all too aware of how this behaviour is just par the course for sportspeople these days.

Taylor, who was hoping to defend her title in Ireland next time out, will surely see her reputation take a hit after the brawl and her subsequent outburst in an interview with RTÉ in which she said her opponent was ‘tough’.

“That sort of language has no place in sport, what next? Praise and respect for opponents before, during and after a fight? Irish sport has gone to the dogs,” remarked one former fan of the off the rails boxer.