Defiant Aung San Suu Kyi Sends Sheep To Graze In St. Stephen’s Green


FOLLOWING a decision by Dublin city councillors to strip Aung San Suu Kyi of the Freedom of Dublin, over 500 Myanmar sheep were found grazing on St. Stephen’s Green park at 7am this morning.

The move to revoke the award given to the Myanmar leader comes after Bob Geldof handed back his Freedom of Dublin award last month in protest of her handling of violence against Rohingya Muslims in her country, the calls later echoed by fellow part-time Irishman and taxpayer, Bono from U2.

However, the defiant leader responded to yesterday’s decision by availing of one of the many ancient privileges that comes with the award, including pasturage of sheep on city commons, which included College Green and St Stephen’s Green.

“I arrived this morning to find hundreds of Asian sheep grazing on the green,” park keeper Donal Ryan told WWN, “the place is destroyed in sheep shit and we’ve had to close the park as dozens have already escaped and are causing traffic chaos around the city.

“Due to border restrictions on imported animals, we’ve had no other option but to call in the Irish army and slaughter the foreign sheep”.

Wednesday’s decision comes after more than 620,000 of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority fled across the border to Bangladesh, escaping a crackdown by the army, which the refugees have said involved murder, rape and arson.

The once peace-loving San Suu Kyi later called the stripping of her freedom of Dublin an act of war, and vowed to destroy Ireland once the army is finished with the Muslims back home.

Meanwhile, Geldof, who was knighted in 1986 by ethnic cleansing enthusiasts the British monarchy, has suggested to Dublin city council to ask him if he wants his award back, stating that he “wouldn’t promise anything, but it would be a nice gesture all the same”.