Parent Willing To Break Magic Of Christmas Rather Than Buy €380 Kylie Jenner Make-up Brush


IN the face of a 380 euro purchase of what appear to be paint brushes from a DIY store, parents across the country are readying themselves to flat out ruin their kids’ Christmas rather than pay out for Kylie Jenner’s new line of make-up brushes.

Touted as this year’s must-have Christmas gift for young ladies who want to replicate their beauty icon, the Kylie Jenner Silver Series line of ‘luxury’ make-up brushes have been criticised as being far too expensive considering the cheap, synthetic fibres used to create the set.

Regardless, tweens across the world have put the expensive beauty products on their Christmas lists, prompting parents to finally agree that this year is the year where the wonder and ‘anything can happen’ magic of Christmas finally gives way to crushing reality.

“For the first 13 Christmases of her life, my little girl got everything she ever wanted,” said one parent, clicking in disgust out of Kylie Jenner’s website.

“Fuck every bit of this shit. 380 quid for what appears to be 17c worth of nylon that claims to be able to make you look like Kylie Jenner after she’s been photoshopped to within an inch of her life. Nope. Sorry honey, but you’ll be opening an box on Christmas morning that will feature the exact same brushes without ‘Kylie Jenner’ written on the side of them, that cost me 30 quid, tops. Thanks for ruining Christmas you greedy bastards”.

The news has hit Kylie Jenner hard, as the dent to revenue threatens to plunge her into a life of poverty and destitution.