WWN Guide To Understanding Why Conor McGregor Is Still A Legend


DRY SHITES the world over have displayed a complete lack of understanding of just why part-time UFC fighter Conor ‘Notorious’ McGregor is a complete legend.

Described by devoted followers of the popular McGregorism cult so-called ‘stupid fucking cunts with no sense of humour’ have struggled to get their heads around why throwing objects through bus windows and injuring people is actually hilarious. However, it is and further cements McGregor’s reputation as an all-round legend.

“Youse thick fucking spas don’t understand how Conor came from nothing and took on the world, he’d fuckin’ knock you out too so stop your moaning you pussy” added the now dwindling number of McGregor fans, in an effort to help people with barely a brain cell between them understand why this is all actually brilliant and adds to why many consider the Dubliner to be the preeminent practitioner of mixed martial arts.

The highly publicised incident resulted in several fighters having to withdraw from fighting in an upcoming UFC bout and losing important income, something which is worth celebrating and lauding when you consider McGregor was on the dole himself once, the legend.

Absolute legend McGregor, who has not fought in an MMA bout since 2016 and has failed to defend both titles he has won in the UFC, has been the subject to intense rumours after his legendary conduct has led many to suggest he has crossed a so-called ‘white line’ pushing him beyond the behaviour expected of someone who owes you nothing, you worthless piece of shit.

“It’s like talking to a brick wall with these saps. He runs this town. You’ll do nothin’,” added a crowd of fans as they pinned someone who wrongly thought McGregor might not be a legend against a wall and wondered out loud if they were looking for a hiding ‘cus they’d hand one out no problem.

Citing scientific methodology to reinforce their rational points, it has been proven beyond doubt that damaging property and assaulting people enhances your legendary status.