Your Mate Sean Analyses Where McGregor Went Wrong


IN A BID to fill the gap in the UFC analysis game which has been left wide open thanks to absolutely no experts talking about the finer points of the main event at UFC 229, your mate Sean brings his exclusive analysis to WWN Sports.

Where did McGregor go wrong? How did Khabib ensure his supremacy? Who gassed first and why? Where does technique need to be improved? Could and should there be a rematch?

All these questions will be answered by Sean, as he steps into the breach with his superior fight knowledge. Strap yourselves in as finally someone with a bit of know how analyses the biggest PPV of the year while the 243 MMA focused websites and podcasts you listen to still refuse to cover the aftermath of the fight:

“I wouldn’t be gettin’ myself in this fuckin’ situation I can tell ya that. Not a chance. McGregor fucked up here. Just look at him, he’s not winning there,” Sean explained, helpfully demonstrating how you properly fuck someone up in an MMA by playing UFC3 on the PS4.

“Fuckin’ hell. You’re not supposed to get punched in the face like that. He’s not supposed to do that, McGregor. Just tellin’ it like it is, he should have kicked Khabib in the head before that and then won,” your good friend Sean explained, reviewing footage from the October 6th fight.

“He got taken down again. Khabib is class at that, it was plain as day ye shouldn’t get taken down. Like, dunno how many times I have say this. I’d be happy to come on board the team to point out these small minute details that everyone else is blind to, I’d do for free like,” explained Sean.

“Ah, here. Like, what was McGregor doing – showing him his back? If you want to win against Khabib you don’t even want him to see your back, don’t show him your back. You don’t want him to know you even have a back. The perfect scenario should be that McGregor should have won by following my very specific advice and then after Khabib would be asked about Conor’s back and Khabib would be all like ‘shit. He has a back? He hid it from me’. Game over there. Easy.”