Is The Phrase ‘You’ll Do Nothin’ McGregor’s Greatest Legacy?


NOT active in the sport in which he made his name since 2016, WWN Sport asks if part-time MMA fighter Conor McGregor’s greatest legacy will be the humble throwaway phrase ‘you’ll do nothing’?

Has McGregor’s prowess in the octagon and his influence in the sport already been overshadowed and eclipsed by an insult which works for all occasions, under any conditions? Experts seem to think so.

His recent appearance on social media licking the hole of tyrant and avowed proponent of homophobia Vladimir Putin could turn fans against him, but it is still believed the power of the phrase ‘you’ll do nothing’ will help McGregor’s legacy of being a bit of a joke live on forever.

“His dismantling of Eddie Alvarez, the Aldo knockout, it’s not what he will be remembered for. His true legacy is gifting wannabe hard men the phrase ‘you’ll do nothing’ and for that we should be forever grateful,” lecturer in the History of Combat, Ferdinand Drummond told WWN Sport.

“Bringing a new audience to MMA, enthralling people with his skill, power and charisma, really, who gives a shit anymore? We have to face facts, the pinnacle of his career is gifting the world ‘you’ll do nothing’. It’s especially powerful when used in an ironic sense, it has a guaranteed strike rate of 100% when it comes to eliciting laughter,” added Drummond.

McGregor has, according to Drummond, become a ‘human meme’ with a ‘you’ll do nothing’ gif of the fighter proving more popular than any of his fights, posing real danger he won’t be remembered for calling opponents a Nazi or a faggot.

“Hand on heart, if you asked me what do I think of when I think of McGregor it’s a real close call between throwing shit at a bus and shouting ‘you’ll do nothing’ but the phrase wins the day,” concluded Drummond, who was sure of McGregor’s place in history books of ‘people used for memes and gifs’, overshadowing any hope it would be for being a retired occasional MMA fighter.

UPDATE: Avid cocaine users have claimed the Dubliner’s legacy will involve his name becoming a phrase used when overindulging in a bit of a snortfest e.g “I was absolutely McGregored out of it last night”.