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America Declared A Warzone

NATO have announced that the United States Of America is now officially an active warzone, after finally clocking up enough violent attacks, senseless killings and active combatants to qualify. America made the leap from “rough in places” to “dodgy enough” several years ago following the popularisation of mass shootings among the gun-wielding population, and has… Read more »

US Shootings Barely Newsworthy Now

MEDIA agencies around the world have agreed to not bother covering incidents of mass shootings in America unless the death toll reaches 20 or over, following a rash of what have been described as ‘mass shootings in name only’. While the world was shocked by the 1999 Columbine massacre that claimed 15 lives, reactions to mass… Read more »

Guns To Phase Out Americans By 2050

A DISTURBING REPORT issued by the International Centre For Research (ICFR) has estimated that guns are on course to phase out Americans by 2050, WWN has learned. With the number of people suffering horrific and violent gun deaths in America exceeding 33,000 per year, it is believed when this harrowing statistic is combined with an… Read more »