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YouTube Opens First Ever Video Library For People Looking To Do Their Own Research

VIDEO streaming platform YouTube have unveiled their first ever public video library in Dublin in a bid to facilitate a surging number of people choosing to ‘do their own research’, WWN can report. The three-story modern style building will house walk-in streaming booths with access to YouTube’s vast array of independently produced, unresearched and unregulated… Read more »

“Only We’re Allowed Spy On People” Google Tells Huawei

TECH giant Google has announced it will be barring Huawei from updates to its Android operating system as the Chinese smartphone maker is accused of doing exactly what Google already does – harvesting peoples information. The move comes after the Trump administration added Huawei to a list of companies that American firms cannot trade with, citing a… Read more »

Google Unveils New Auto-Complete Feature For Your Thoughts

GOOGLE has unveiled a helpful tool that will bring an end to the laborious and onerous task typing search terms, general queries and websites into its search engines. The tech giant’s new Auto-Thought feature which was installed earlier today has transformed everyone’s phones, laptops and tablet devices by allowing the transposing of people’s thoughts directly… Read more »

Delete Yourself. Now.

Dear Internet user, Please read the following open letter carefully, as this is the only correspondence you’re getting from us. Look at the state of you there you pathetic blubbering mess, worrying about what your technological devices are doing to your life; what information we’re taking, what conversations we’re listening in on, what filth you’ve been… Read more »