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Varadkar Agonisingly Close To Making Link Between Economic Hardship For Under 35s & Fine Gael

LEADING robotics and AI engineers in Silicon Valley are said to be closely observing video footage from Dáil Éireann after state of the art AI almost achieved full self-awareness. The incident occurred when Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, taking part in a debate on youth unemployment, came close for a brief moment to realising the links between… Read more »

“Of Course, We’ve Been Battling Insurance Companies For Years” Claims Varadkar As Pearse Doherty Bursts Into Flames

SINN Féin delegates are today wondering if TD Pearse Doherty will ever emerge from his coma after suffering what is being described as a ‘rage stroke’ brought on by listening to Tánaiste Leo Varadkar talk about how it was his ‘personal mission in life’ to combat soaring insurance prices. “When I heard about insurance companies… Read more »

“You Can Fucking Keep It”: Martin Dramatically Hands Taoiseach Role Back To Varadkar

THE government’s ‘revolving Taoiseach’ arrangement has spun its first revolution, with Micheál Martin now ‘more than willing’ to hand it back over to Leo Varadkar, after a tumultuous few months in power which has averaged a damaging cock up every six minutes. “I honestly didn’t think he’d last this long” smirked Varadkar, reading an email… Read more »