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Apple Billionaire Granny Smith Dies, Age 91

Granny Smith, the famed Apple magnate whose fortune is valued at €193 billion has died at the age of 91. Georgia Smith was of course more affectionately known as Granny Smith by the rivals she ruthlessly wiped out in the incredibly bloody ‘Apple Wars’ feud of the 1950s. Her resulting victory in the conflict carved… Read more »

Delete Yourself. Now.

Dear Internet user, Please read the following open letter carefully, as this is the only correspondence you’re getting from us. Look at the state of you there you pathetic blubbering mess, worrying about what your technological devices are doing to your life; what information we’re taking, what conversations we’re listening in on, what filth you’ve been… Read more »

Apple To Buy Headphones For $3 Billion

THE tech world is abuzz with speculation and rumour today following reports that Apple are set to purchase headphones for as much as $3 billion. With publications and websites such as FT, Forbes, The Verge and Mashable all featuring the news it seems Apple’s single biggest acquisition to date will be a pair of aesthetically… Read more »