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Number Of Drunk Idiots In A&E Falls To 250 Year Low

SCIENTISTS are investigating a possible side effect of Coronavirus infection spread after startling data from Irish A&E departments show a stark drop in the number of avoidable drink-fueled injuries, minor complaints and non-life threatening illnesses, WWN can report. Casualty departments across Ireland are showing almost zero waiting lists for the first time in nearly 250… Read more »

Lad Off The Beer Two Days Preaching Already

A COUNTY Waterford man who has managed to abstain from drinking for two whole days has confirmed he has never felt better, and if everyone could follow his example that would be great. Dermot Ryan, recently christened a ‘fucking hero’ by friends, began divulging the benefits of his 49 hours, 32 minutes and 43 seconds… Read more »

Drinking In Wetherspoons: A Guide

IF IT’S one thing the Irish love, it’s drink. If it’s two things, it’s cheap drink. Throw in cheap food, and you’ve a business model that’s just crazy enough to succeed in the demanding Irish drinking market! With more and more Wetherspoons outlets starting to pop up around Ireland, it may seem like traditional Irish… Read more »