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Trump Feared Alive After Mexican Wrestling Match Defeat

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has spent the afternoon in hospital after foolishly agreeing to participate in a Lucha Libre wrestling match while on a recent tour of Mexico. Despite the doctor’s best efforts it is believed none of the injuries are life threatening and Trump will make a full recovery, much to the disappointment… Read more »

Racehorse Kind Of Likes Being Whipped

ANIMAL rights group PETA has condemned a statement made by racehorse Safeword this week, after the animal defended whipping in the sport, stating that many horses actually liked being ‘spanked’ on the rear. “You’d be surprised by how many fillies are into it, there’s a whole underground scene going on,” Safeword told the The Sun newspaper… Read more »

Guide To Picking A Grand National Winner

Picking a winner for the Grand National isn’t rocket science. If it was rocket science, it would be called rocket science.  If that much isn’t clear to you, then you need this guide to picking a winner more than we thought. Put 10 euro on every horse in the race, one of them is bound… Read more »

How to Avoid Match Fixing in the World of Sports?

Fixing matches is a practice as old as betting on them. And since betting is one of the oldest things people do – along with, uhm, the oldest craft of the world – I think it’s safe to say that match fixing might be older than written history. Some scholars argue that David’s victory over… Read more »