Friend In WhatsApp Group Really Going To Town On That Tongue Out Winky Emoji


WIDESPREAD confusion has broken out amongst a group of friends as their Whatsapp group entitled ‘The Gang’ fell under siege to a barrage of indiscriminate tongue out winky emojis, WWN has learned.

Ciara Tiernan, a student currently studying science in UCD, has inexplicably become deeply enamoured with using the tongue out winky emoji in every single correspondence on the popular app, sparking concern and befuddlement.

Writing in the hastily set up WhatsApp group conversation ‘What the hell is up with Ciara using that tongue emoji all the bloody time?’ longtime friend of Ciara, Martin Higgins speculated that she was either ‘in a good mood’ or in the worst case scenario ‘trying to send some sort of code after being kidnapped or something’.

Much of the gang’s Whatsapp has been dominated in recent hours by brief statements from Ciara which have been followed by the tongue out winky emoji, with the 21-year-old failing to explain what made each statement so worthy of excessive emoji use.

“Ciara stop with the emojis,” Siobhan Ahern, another friend, begged of Ciara only to find a response made up of a total of 12 tongue out winky emojis.

“I’m not having this, there’s no way she’s 12 of those emojis happy, you don’t just go around throwing out any number of emojis you want, there’s a great responsibility to picking out the right emojis, she’s taking the mick,” Siobhan immediately wrote of the Ciara themed app which had exploded with messages, all devoid of the overused emoji.

“She’d just want to be careful, she might end up growing tired of it very soon, a bit of self control and she could use that emoji steadily throughout the year, this is overkill,” cautioned Martin.

In the last 24 hours, Ciara has used the same emoji 367 times in various statements about her lunch, Netflix, the weather and the hole in her sock.

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