Woman Uploading 5,000th Selfie Of The Week Dangerously Close To Phone Data Allowance


A WATERFORD student is fast approaching her monthly data allowance after taking her 5,000th selfie of the week.

Rachel Horan, an avid taker of pictures of herself hit the 5,000th selfie mark while waiting on friends at a local cafe.

Left alone for what was estimated as close to 40 seconds, Horan was left with little choice but to take 117 selfies and subsequently uploading them to various social media accounts.

So enthralled with her ability to look varying degrees of cute, coy, hot and ‘totes a big weirdo’ in the selfies, Horan paid little heed to the fact she had used the equivalent data needed to watch the entire library of Netflix on her phone.

Standing outside Cafe Rome, Horan struck several hundred equally ridiculous poses before uploading just 79 photos to Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and for some strange reason Bebo.

Justifying the excessive photo taking Horan explained to WWN that it was incredibly hard to achieve the desired look which combined appearing ‘fierce’ and ‘totally on point’.

The 21-year-old is expected to exceed her data allowance once she sits down to lunch with her friends and proceeds to take 4,000 filtered photos of her food.

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