“Just Another 500 Bikini Snaps For Instagram” Thinks Dublin Girl On Holidays


DUBLIN Girl Nora Reilly has made the decision to post just 500 additional pictures of herself in a bikini while on holidays today.

“How else are people going to know I’m on holidays?” Nora said in response to an Instagram comment that implied her photo taking was ‘excessive’.

Nora had been averaging uploading close to 900 bikini snaps to her Instagram account since landing in Ibiza with friends several days ago, but has chosen to reduce her photography master classes for a number of reasons.

“My arms are tired, and trying to nail that cute but sexy pose every time is exhausting me,” Nora explained to her friend Ciara, who had to take over photo taking duties for some of the more elaborate poses.

Friends agreed that the reduction in the number of the bikini selfies had brought the number of photos down from ‘a bit much’ to ‘just the right balance’.

However, Nora’s arms had begun to suffer from cramp after holding her smartphone

“Make sure to put hashtag sun, hashtag holidays, hashtag HotdogLegs, hashtag HolidaysLols, hashtag beach bod on that last one,” Nora instructed, fearful the wrong hashtag choice would result in fewer likes of her 2,103rd bikini photo of the trip so far.