“VR Headset Will Allow Facebook Users Fight To The Death In Comment Sections” – Zuckerberg


FACEBOOK founder Mark Zuckerberg has today confirmed that one of the Oculus Rifts’ biggest features will be to allow irate Facebook users battle it out to the death in the social network’s many comment sections.

Speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the billionaire CEO said the virtual reality headset will put ‘keyboard warriors’ right into the comment sections to ‘battle it out’, settling heated debates the ‘good old fashioned way’.

“Allowing users to virtually fight one another was the number one request when we bought Oculus Rift two years ago,” he said. “Now, people will be able to engage each other in armed combat, instead of debating logically with words and wiki excerpts.”

Not only will heated comment sections become more real and violent, users will be allowed to make virtual love to one another through their Facebook accounts.

“We are bringing back the poke,” Mr Zuckerberg added. “And I don’t mean a finger poke; if you know what I mean. Facebook users who are in a relationship will be able to perform sexual intercourse with one another, no matter where they are in the world.”

Facebook’s new VR headset is due to be launched later this year with a retail price of €130.