US Warns Russian Election Interference Could See Boyd Barrett Named First Tsar Of Ireland


OFFICIALS from the US State Department have spoken directly to the Irish government in diplomatic cables to warn them that Russia’s continued attempts to interfere in European democracies could affect Ireland and that authorities here should remain vigilant.

“We don’t know who this Rickie Boy Barry guy is, but the Russians want him as their Tsar in Ireland, we’re talking a Soviet sickle on the tricolour folks, this is not a drill,” the diplomatic cable read.

“He is worshiped like some sort of God in some Russian cities; they have statues to him. If you don’t stay on top of this stuff your richest 1% could be taxed at 178% on every euro they earn, he is already ruler of the notorious Communist commune known as Dun Laoghaire,” continued US officials.

Further warnings were issued about how Russian bot farms and online agitators could be used to further divide Irish society.

“These sorts of people try to say stuff like 200,000 people in Ireland are living in extremely deprived areas or talk about how despite a budget of €21bn the health service isn’t fit for purpose and how young people are locked out of home ownership and a decent standard of living,” warned a US official, highlighting how dangerous Russian trolls would evilly use up-to-date and accurate facts about Ireland.

While appreciative of the warning, the coalition government confirmed “thanks but we don’t need any additional help sowing further division in Irish society”.