Irish People Explain Why They Support Palestine


THE WORLD’S media remains equal parts fascinated and confused as to why so many Irish people think there is something wrong with indiscriminately bombing innocent Palestinians as they seek refuge in hospitals, schools, refugee camps and their own homes.

In order to gain a better understanding of this support, WWN took to the streets and spoke with Irish people:

“Who can look at these horrors and stay silent? The killing must stop now, and world leaders enabling Israel have blood on their hands. That’s why I support Palestine, that’s why I protest” – Roisin Nugent, student.

“Time is of the essence, I don’t know how long we’ve got left, this girl in college who is pro-Palestine is ridiculously hot and I think I’m attending two more protests away from getting the ride” – Graham Reilly, student.

“Are you serious? Just look at what we went through with the Brits; years and years and years of having them subject us to Eastenders” – Yvonne Sargent, office manager.

“I’ve been boycotting Israeli goods and services for years, not because of the war crimes. Just because my HP laptop with all that Israeli tech in it is very fucking slow” – Simon Carton, recruiter.

“All you have to do is listen to that Israeli minister who called for nuking Gaza or sending Palestinians to Ireland, no one deserves to be sent to Ireland, that’s inhumane” – Andriy Ivaniuk, Ukrainian refugee.

“The Dalkey experience so closely mirrors the Palestinian one, Israel is to wanton and indiscriminate killing of civilians what the local council is to the restriction of local car traffic. Both equally horrific and exactly the same level of war crime” – Niamh Kelly, accountant.

“Ah look it, the day would be boring otherwise. The missus is from Tel Avi and I love arguing,” – Rossa Higgins, supermarket manager.

“Support the end of killing of innocent children? Haha, not a chance, I’ve got a contrary column in a Sunday paper so it’s Israeli government apologist all the way for me” – John Fulton, columnist.

“Ah I’m just mad for funding Hamas tunnels. All of us are” – Sophia Cotter, secret Hamas tunnel network fundraiser and influencer.

“I appreciate the seriousness of the issue but how did you get in the house and for the last time can you please get me toilet roll” – Alan Collins, carpenter.