The Only Disasters Bigger Than The Toy Show Musical Failure


RECORDING a staggering loss of €2.2 million, RTÉ’s Toy Show musical goes down as one of if not the biggest financial disasters in the Irish entertainment industry.

“We admit upon reflection, building the set using only solid gold was a mistake,” the RTÉ executive board admitted at an Oireachtas committee yesterday.

While absolutely no one could have predicted that a musical about the Toy Show with tickets priced at one kidney could fail during a cost of living crisis and runaway inflation, hindsight has now told us this may have been what experts call ‘the Mount Everest of stupid decisions’.

In fact, the only bigger disasters than the RTÉ championed musical are as follows:

The Hindenburg. The screams from those on board were at least quieter than those of angry parents who had to sit through the Toy Show musical.

OceanGate. At $250,000 a seat, the Titan sub was slightely cheaper than the RTÉ show.

Mars Delight. The decision by Mars to discontinue the chocolate treat is still mourned by many to this day.

Kevin Costner’s Waterworld. The big budget 90s film actually lost slightly less money than RTÉ’s venture.

BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill. At 210,000,000 US gallons, the oil spill killed as many as 166,000 small juvenile sea turtles among other wildlife so you can why so many people argued against including it in this list considering RTÉ had to give away as many as 33% of total tickets for their show for free.

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