Una Healy Fans All Say The Same Thing As She Spins Silk Chrysalis, Attaches Self To Tree


FANS of Una Healy all said the same thing after she stripped to her essentials, squatted down and started weaving strings of silk from her nether regions into a beautiful chrysalis and attaching herself to a large tree in county Tipperary.

The 6-foot cocoon solidified unto the tree like cement as images appeared on Una’s Instagram channel, sparking rumours that the former Saturdays star may undergo metamorphosis and become an even more beautiful butter-person ahead of Summer ’23.

Una’s friends and fans all went wild for her stunning chrysalis snaps.

“Good on you, Una, fair play. I’m glad someone finally did it,” said one fan showing their support of the Tipperary native’s bravery in opting to transform into a winged human/rhopalocera hybrid capable of flight.

“What the actual fuck is going on here, seriously?” posted several other fans, all saying the same thing as our headline suggested.

“Whatever she metamorphoses into, I know for a fact she will still be gorgeous and she should be respected for that despite this tough and painful mutation,” one caterpillar eating a leaf of cabbage commented.

It is unclear how long Una will remain attached to the Tipperary tree before eclosion and whether she will emerge with a tubular sucking organ called a proboscis allowing her to extract sweet nectar from the flowers she will then feed upon.

“Oh boy, a proboscis sure sounds like a lot of fun,” David Haye later commented on the post.