Study That Shows Psilocybin Reduces Depression Isn’t Validation For Being Mushed Out Of It For Decades, Ian


REPORTS that magic mushrooms may be beneficial in the treatment of patients with depression are being touted by Waterford man Ian Herriford as proof that getting high as a kite every weekend of his life since he was 16 was the right and noble decision.

“The scientists, yeah, said that the 200 people or so with depression that took a dose of psilocybin experienced an upswing in their mental health in just two weeks, so like, that’s just all the evidence we need to, you know, get a bag of mushies for the weekend, stay in the forest and then home to watch the Grand Prix man,” said Herriford, now in his thirties and the last of his group of friends to still be at this shit.

“The earth gives us the medicine we need,” he continued, as his friends rolled their eyes and prepared to listen to the same spiel they’ve heard since the Leaving Cert.

“It must be true that the active ingredient in magic mushrooms battles depression, because Ian has been on the mushies every weekend for nearly 30 years and he’s the happiest fucker I know,” said one of Herriford’s oldest pals, who gave up mushrooms round about the time he settled down into married life with kids, a mortgage and a fairly under-the-radar drinking problem.

Further reading into the study shows that it was carried out by a Mr. I. Herriford but this fact is not expected to have introduced any bias into the study whatsoever.