Man Trying To Psych Himself Up After Minor Change To Prearranged Plans Leaves Him Completely Rattled


LOCAL MAN Ciaran Kearney has been left feeling lightheaded and unable to get his bearings after receiving a text from a friend in which very minor alterations were made to prior plans of an upcoming social engagement.

“I need a lie down,” said Kearney as he reached out with his hand to steady himself, reeling from Donal Costin’s WhatsApp message saying pints tomorrow would be switched to a different pub and at the later time of 8.45pm.

“But I had worked out the bus times for the original time of 8pm? And we had said Madigans, not Reardons, this is too much change, too quick,” said a pale Kearney, noting that the venue had changed to a pub directly across the road from the original meeting point, a logistical nightmare.

Now completely put off by the idea of actually going out, Kearney somehow found the inner strength to look himself in the face in his bathroom mirror and rebuild his crumbling facade.

“C’mon now Ciaran, you can do this,” Kearney said psyching himself up and splashing his face with water.

The colour began to return the 29-year-old’s face after he ran through the timings of making dinner and catching the bus in his head just another 43 times.

UPDATE: Kearney, sweating profusely, has been left searching his mind for dozens of inane ice-breaking questions and observations after Costin neglected to mention his two coworkers, who Kearney had never met before, would be coming along too.