If You See A Landlord Assaulting Tenants, Call The Cops Who Are Right Outside


FOOTAGE of a landlord assaulting tenants has been described as ‘shocking’ by a number of people who have no idea how common that sort of thing in Ireland is, or indeed ‘how these things work’.

If your landlord (or an appointed associate) happens to burst into your accommodation some evening demanding money or just physically threatening you for whatever reason, you may wish to call the police for assistance. Here’s how:

1) Just stick your head out the window

It’s very possible that while you’re being violently evicted, there’s a few uniformed gardaí outside your front door deterring anyone from helping you or minimising the risk to the safety of the balaclava-wearing men who are currently rendering your apartment unlivable.

Just give them a quick shout to see if they want to do anything about the court-approved mobbing that’s taking place, although don’t hold your breath. Unless your head is shoved underwater, that is.

2) Lodge a formal complaint against your landlord

If you have a complaint against a landlord or letting agent, then you should report this to your local garda station immediately.

Guards have entire departments dedicated to ensuring renters rights are protected, and that no harm comes to them. They’ve got droves of people standing by to help you. No renter in this land will ever feel they can’t speak up about abuse, harassment or unfair treatment when these guys are on the case!

3) Take your beating – you’ve earned it

Look, if your landlord is angry with you then we’re sure you’ve earned it. Were you late with the rent? Did you not adhere to the list of demands laid out when you rented the place to begin with? Whatever it was, you’ve clearly angered your landlord and as such, we’ve no sympathy for you. If you don’t like it, buy a house. Simple as that.