Rare Non-Sectarian Graffiti Discovered In Northern Ireland


HISTORIANS studying a Game of Thrones tourism location believe they have uncovered what is estimated to be the only non-sectarian graffiti in Northern Ireland, WWN can reveal.

A Russian army supporting ‘Z – glory to Russia’ was daubed on the road leading to the ‘dark hedges’ trees, made famous by the HBO fantasy series and historians are anticipating a further tourism boom for the location thanks to the graffiti.

“It’s such a rare find however, some have speculated that the way the ‘Z’ was written was suspiciously Catholic but the other lot say the ‘Z’ is the most Protestant looking ‘Z’ they’ve ever seen,” confirmed historian Samuel Lightfoot, as he assessed the graffiti which like sectarian graffiti was from a bygone cave man era.

The ‘Z’ is only the third non-sectarian graffiti uncovered in the last 50 years with the other two being ‘Big Jaffa’s Da is a Fanny’ and ‘Missing – Our Barry’s balls after marrying wee Angela’ on Belfast’s peace walls.

The graffiti couldn’t have come at a worst time for Northern Ireland as it may upset those working hard to tear down election posters ahead of the assembly elections on the 5th of May.

“What’s the point in ripping down posters if these wee Russian fuckers are getting all the coverage, they’ve not even done a proper mural,” an irritated man halfway up a lamppost said in between cutting cable ties and ripping posters.

Elsewhere, a growing number of people calling for voters to forego sectarian concerns and vote for a better future for Northern Ireland will themselves still vote along sectarian lines.