Dolores Cahill Busts Out Of Workshed After Converting Old Van Into Tank Using Welder


ACCUSED of a crime she says she didn’t commit, former UCD professor Dolores Cahill has escaped to the Tullamore underground where she survives as an anti-vaxxer for hire.

Pursued by law officials who have issued a warrant for her arrest due to her failure to appear in court in regards to an incident in Dublin Airport in 2020, Cahill yesterday found herself holed up in a disused barn which luckily also contained a broken-down van and a wide range of perfectly functional van-fixing tools.

Currently banned from social media due to months of Covid misinformation, Cahill took it upon herself to convert the old jalopy into a makeshift tank that fires sliotairs and smashed out through the wall of the barn this morning as guards dove for cover.

“I love it when a plan comes together!” yelled Cahill as she live-streamed her escape on Bitchute, the only social media network where she has yet to be banned.

Meanwhile, Cahill’s daring escape has been shared by many of her fellow vaccination-sceptics, who praise her for giving up a lucrative career in academia to follow her dreams of avoiding the law and sticking it to the sheeple.

“Good woman Dolores, we’re right behind you!” posted one proud non-jabbed follower from right behind her, like way, way behind her, several counties behind her in actual fact, from the comfort of his home.

Meanwhile the rest of the nation have admitted that they’ve sorta moved on from all this now, and that if Cahill considers outrunning the law over what will doubtlessly amount to nothing more than a fine to be a suitable use of her life, then more power to her.