Now A Really Good Time For Public To Brush Up On How Not To Jeopardise Upcoming Court Cases


LEGAL experts have suggested that now would be a good time for people to reeducate themselves on all the ways to not jeopardise ongoing or upcoming court cases, WWN has learned.

“There really has never been a better time to brush up on how helpful saying absolutely nothing online or in a public forum about hypothetical trials,” explained legal expert Patricia Ruane SC.

“If you’re the sort of person who likes to see a fair trial being carried out and the appropriate verdict being reached you’re going to love the next piece of advice,” added Ruane.

“Do not comment on social media in relation to any aspect of any hypothetical trial, do not speculate as to the character, possible previous convictions or movements of a hypothetical suspect; not doing any of that will make you feel like a hero and it’s so easy to do,” continued Ruane.

Mindful of the fact that such advice would need to be reiterated several times and strongly stressed, Ruane doubled down on her area of expertise.

“Hell, delete all social media apps, never comment on an online forum and completely dissuade yourself from making your feelings clear in public in the form of graffiti and such things. It might feel good to ‘let it all out’ but you wouldn’t want to be the one who paved the way for a potentially guilty individual to walk free,” concluded Ruane.

The legal professional went on to state that if anyone is looking to channel any pent up angry into a more harmless, non-court cases jeopardising way, that’s what leaving zero star product reviews on Amazon is for.