“Didn’t Have To Show Anything. Nothing, Zilch,” Reports Man Passing Through Dublin Airport


DESPITE new requirements for inbound flights into Dublin taking effect today, local man returning from holiday Anthony Roundtree can report exclusively that he was asked for absolutely nothing by various airline and airport authorities.

“No, not even the cert. Not a word of a lie,” a flabbergasted Roundtree shared, raising his eyebrows skyward several times to underscore his disbelief.

“Passport? Barely looked at it. I could’ve been Osama Bin Covid for all your man knew. Absolute joke,” explained Roundtree, noting the requirement for him to have a negative PCR test to travel was not formally checked either.

“Waltzed in so we did, fella beside in the queue for passports with face on him as naked as the day he was born. Not a word was said to him,” added Roundtree.

“Lady ahead of me in the queue, and what’s her name? Bloody Amy Cronin, your man didn’t bat an eye,” offered Roundtree highlighting the sinister similarity between a passenger’s name and the Omicron variant.

Despite being asked several times if he enjoyed his holiday, what sights he had seen and what the weather was like, the Waterford man steered all conversation back to his experience in the airport, much to his wife’s displeasure.

“I’m just afraid he’s enjoyed all the moaning this has allowed him to do so much that he will want to go back abroad next week and the week after. We haven’t the money,” explained Joanne Roundtree.