Local Catholic Can’t Believe Ireland Not More Respectful Of Religion That Oversaw Unspeakable Acts Of Horror


“A BIT Of balance and respect isn’t too much to ask for,” offered local Catholic Jonathan Cady, who felt too much emphasis in the media is placed on the Church’s track record of overseeing unrelenting acts of horror in Ireland.

“I’m sick of the sensationalism too; ‘they fought against marriage equality’ this, ‘they hid child rapists’ that, ‘they engaged in human trafficking’,” offered Cady as he spent 14 hours listing off various controversies and crimes which he felt the Irish public needn’t mention.

“Catholicism in this country just needs a fair shake, it’s the underdog. It’s not like any church order is still fighting to deny Mother & Baby Home survivors access to records or hasn’t paid out money owed to victims of clerical abuse,” continued Cady.

“Don’t go rolling your eyes now when I see it was a long time ago, because the selective bits I’m picking out were a long time ago. And sure look at the church in France there, see, Ireland wasn’t the only place terrorised so that’s my point proven”.

Cady is one of a handful of devotees that believe the unspeakable acts of horror sides of things is a tad over reported.

“I’m just asking that when a Catholic charity feeds someone in need it gets the same sort of coverage that all the bad stuff we fought for decades to prevent coming out gets,” added Cady, thinking better of mentioning how he thinks a rape victim who has had an abortion is bound for hell.

“And all people want to talk about are babies in septic tanks and not the weekly parish lotto – the mind boggles”.