Politicians Slam Social Media For Making It Easier To Hold Them To Account


A GROWING number of politicians have lamented the negative impact social media is having on their ability to pull the wool over their constituents eyes, WWN has learned.

“Social media companies have to do more,” said one TD after he tweeted about the importance of mental health only to have comments flood in from constituents who pointed out how he personally failed to help them gain access to mental health services when they approached him.

The internet has made it easier for people to conduct off the cuff research on politicians, meaning the time between a politician issuing a disingenuous point-scoring PR missive and being correctly identified as a hypocrite with the spine of a jellyfish shorter than ever.

“There’s no doubt this level of abuse is putting people off a life in politics,” said another, who can’t believe people are allowed bring up the fact he owns five properties or that he was a vocal opponent to all rent control measures without the threat of the perpetrators going to jail.

“I can honestly say the abuse female politicians get is just awful,” shared a TD from a party accused of giving a member a free pass after partaking in the abuse of a female politician from another party.

“This isn’t what social media was designed for, let’s get back the good old days of myself and my peers being to say any old baseless shite without being called out on it,” said a glum faced TD, who honestly thinks this abuse could escalate to such a point where constituents might have enough compelling information that they’ll vote for someone else next time.