The Most Popular Halloween Costumes In Ireland This Year Have Been Revealed


THE ANNUAL rundown of the most in demand costumes in Ireland is here again. Check out what everyone’s wearing. The bestseller list was helpfully supplied by our Halloween partners at

Squid Game

It is extremely unlikely that anyone else will have this idea but in the event they do, a simple and fun solution is to play the person also wearing a costume related to the hit show in a childhood playground game with the winner getting to keep wearing the costume while the loser is brutally executed with a shot to the head.


Not only is it a good bit of fun, it is also a full proof permission slip for any gaff party you go to, instantly transforming any gathering into ‘perfectly within the regulations’. For authenticity’s sake, the costume wearer is advised to constantly change any instructions it gives out and only inform people of essential information at the very last minute.

Obscure pop culture figure

Something so obscure in fact that you are forced to explain who you are dressed as to everyone, leading you to either feel superior to everyone or correctly feel like a loser.


For all the full time mad bastards out there, it’s the hilarious costume that gives everyone a laugh except that one dry shite who gets upset about it because it’s what their dad died of 4 months ago. Some people have no sense of humour.

The needlessly sexy version

Works for everything be it a nun, hotdog, nurse or Harold Shipman. Is it a comment on ongoing objectification, being subject to the male gaze and stifling patriarchy? Or is it just a chance to get the twins out? Lose hours of your life lost in debate in the smoking area of any nightclub by posing this exact question.

Black bin bag and a plastic mask

The classic staple of Irish halloweens is back this year with a bang. Wear it just so someone under 25 can mercilessly send you into an existential spiral when you realise how fucking old you are, forcing you to question your own mortality when they say ‘no, we had proper costumes when I was young unlike in the 1800s’.


2019’s most popular costume probably isn’t boring and predictable, and nor will it mark you as someone to avoid at a pub, club or party.

The high concept combo

Combing two ideas or concepts based on a pun remains popular this year eg. Fr. Bread. Does it work? Have you just slapped a priest’s collar and a slice pan on a black t-shirt because you can’t be arsed? There’s a high chance you’ve just won the best dressed competition.