Vicious Circle: Parents Could Make Fortune Renting Out Rooms If Their Adult Kids Could Afford To Move Out


A DUBLIN couple could be earning up to 1,600 euro per month by renting out their son’s room, if only their son could afford 1,600 euro per month to rent a room elsewhere, WWN has learned.

“It’s the bitterest of pills to swallow” sobbed Margaret Fallaghan, imagining how easy her life would be if she could become a gouging landlord.

“But our son Craig is 34 and can’t afford to move out, and no amount of passive-aggressive references to his room being ‘the spare room’ can do a damn thing about that. So here we are, in this vicious, ironic trap. Sitting on a goldmine, without a fucking shovel”.

The Fallaghan family represent a large section of the Irish community these days who are calling for significant rental reform to help their kids move out of the family home, without doing themselves out of future rental income when they convert the box room into a two-bedroom apartment.

“Whereas previous parents would have been heartbroken to see their kids emigrate to faraway lands, today’s parents are actively encouraging it” explained WWN’s resident property consultant.

“They know that their kids aren’t going to be able to afford ‘a nice wee house’ up the road, so they encourage them to go to Australia for a few years instead. And in that time, they can make that sweet property market gravy. It’s the only way to break this vicious cycle”.

The situation is even worse for parents whose kids are single, as the chances of owning a house on one salary is near zero. This has prompted a shift in thinking that ‘nobody is good enough for my little angel’, with parents now being totally okay with whatever piece of trash person their kid wants to marry.