“Get Back To Work,” Dept Of Education Staff Working From Home Tell Wexford Primary School


AFTER a school principal in Wexford sounded the alarm and laid bare the flaws in the HSE’s guidance system and how lacking supports have been for improving ventilation and Co2 monitors in their school, Dept of Education officials working from home have confirmed teachers will do anything for a day off.

“You’re only looking for a sneaky day off,” said a department official currently working from home, of staff that would have been teaching online if the school was to temporarily close due to a Covid outbreak.

“Trying to close a school because there’s been 30 positive cases in one week? Ha! We’ve heard it all now, ridiculous,” said whoever is responsible for raking a school over the coals in the Department of Education for airing on the side of caution and having pupils and staffs’ health at the forefront of their mind.

“We hate to be a broken record about this, but when you give out about how you ventilation problems this, no response when crying out for help that, we have to point out there is no place safer than a school when it comes to Covid. C’mon, I’d love be in a school right now but damn it, I’m stuck working at home,” added the DoE official.

“They say ‘walk a mile in my shoes’ but sure with WFH I’m like ‘WTF? I haven’t walked a mile total in the last 18 months of work’. Anyway, we can’t stress this enough – stop trying to highlight how we’re failing schools around ventilation 19 months into a pandemic that is airborne and just open some more windows as the temperatures plummet,” concluded the official.