Derek Acorah Fierce Quiet These Days


WWN can confirm that famed spiritual medium Derek Acorah has no upcoming TV projects in the works, with many believing that the Most Haunted star may have lost his spirit-contacting mojo in recent years.

“Granted, Derek died in 2020, but that shouldn’t stop him really” said one insider we spoke to, looking at an Acorah-less TV line up.

“If anything, it should just make his job a whole lot easier. We’re more than willing to get him another medium to commune with, and boom, the formats write themselves. Derek Acorah: Life On the Other Side. Acorah Unplugged. Derek Does The Afterlife. We’re here, waiting for him to contact us, ready to roll the dice on any of these projects”.

Not only has Acorah failed to get in touch with TV producers lately, he’s also gone very quiet with his fellow spiritual mediums, who have yet to make contact with the Liverpudlian since he ‘crossed over’.

“You’ve the likes of Psychic Sally there, who you’d think would be the first to contact her fellow TV medium, but nope, not a flicker of a candle” our reporter told us.

“I mean, you must understand that a lot of these TV mediums are very busy telling recently bereaved people what they want to hear in exchange for money, so they’re not just idling around waiting to chat to Derek, or Einstein, or Dr. David Kelly the Iraq suicide lad, or anyone you might actually want or need them to have a word with”.

Until Acorah’s return to TV, people will have to make do with endless repeats of Most Haunted for the rest of our lives.