Scam Callers Make Millions After Charging Irish People By The ‘Goodbye’


SCAM callers from around the world have revealed the real reason they have chosen to target Ireland in recent times, stating that Irish phone habits make it incredibly easy to make a huge amount of cash in a very short period of time.

“Our model relies on a few different things. One, we can make money if people ring us back if we dial their phone but hang up before they answer. Every time” said our source in the scamming community.

“Irish people just can’t resist calling back an unknown number. No other nation in the world gives a fuck, but Irish people have this fear of not knowing who was ringing them that makes them very easy to exploit. After that, all we need to do is keep them on the line and watch the money soar”.

Although our scammer admitted initially using pre-recorded scare tactic about revenue or taxation during the early stages of the scamdemic that continues to plague Ireland, he states that profits really soared when he switched to gossip instead.

“Once Irish people heard ‘revenue’, they hung up and changed their number. But if you said in a hushed tone ‘did you hear about the young one up the road?’, you could keep them on the line for an hour” we were told.

“And it was mostly them talking. You just started the ball rolling then sat back while they added their own gossip. We even made an automated voice saying ‘No! G’way! Really?’ on a loop. We made thousands of euro a day”.

And of course, another automated voice that exploits Irish people’s inability to hang up was employed to bilk people even further.

“What we call the ‘bye bye bye bye bye now’ machine is our crown jewel. As long as it keeps saying bye, the target keeps saying bye” the scammer laughed, before purchasing a yacht with the money earned from scam calling five Irish mothers in one afternoon.