GP Charges 50 Quid For Each Controversial Anti-Vax Comment


THOUSANDS of calls of complaint have flooded the switchboard of Waterford daytime radio DJ Eoghan Ruddy, after he brought to light the controversial anti-vaccination beliefs of a practicing local GP who is also pocketing a 50 euro consultancy fee for every batshit comment he makes.

Dr. Alan Walliman has made the news in the area lately for all the wrong reasons, having aligned himself with a number of right-wing patriots in the area and issued a number of dubious sounding Covid-19 theories, all at full whack.

“Eoghan, even though I had already heard all of the nonsense about how the vaccine hasn’t been tested properly and all that shite, Dr. Walliman just reiterated it right back to me and charged me a full consultancy fee, even though he didn’t change my mind at all” groused one caller to the Ruddy Show today, just one person unhappy with a member of the HSE spreading potentially deadly anti-vax propaganda.

“Ah that’s terrible” offered Ruddy, his standard answer for most things, before moving on to another caller.

“I rang up for a repeat prescription and he wouldn’t give it to me over the phone, I had to go in to the clinic, pay the fee again, and listen to a load of shite about the mortality rates of vaccinated people who had no underlying conditions before their jab. And give him a fifty, too” moaned another, as the complaints rolled in.

Meanwhile, during busy hours, Dr. Walliman’s receptionist has been handing out anti-vax statements of her own, and has gotten very bad-tempered with people who still ask to see the doctor.