Vaccine Rollout Removed From List Of Things You Can Be Mad At Government About


WITH the announcement that 12-15 year olds can now sign up for a Covid-19 vaccine, even the harshest of government critics have begrudgingly agreed that they can no longer be mad at top brass over the vaccination program.

“We want the record to show that it was slow as fuck to begin with, mind you” said a spokesperson for the Irish Association of Grousers, speaking exclusively to WWN.

“But yeah, we have to hold up our hands and say that it’s moving along rightly now, and if we keep this up we’ll hopefully avoid any spikes in winter and, here’s hoping, any more lockdown measures. It sucks that we have lost a perfectly good stick with which to beat the government with, but that’s just the way it goes”.

Although the IAG have solemnly accepted they can’t bicker about a ‘slow rollout of the vaccination program’ anymore, our source noted that they were happy to have one less thing on the list, such is the volume of governmental fuck-ups that they have to deal with on any given day.

“Could you imagine if the vaccination program was failing, at the same time as the Katherine Zappone/guidelines thing? We’d have been run ragged, unable to give any one subject the fucking-off it deserves” we were told at IAG headquarters.

“With that being said, we don’t see the government doing anything this effectively again for quite some time, so we’re keeping a little venom in reserve for whatever dickhead moves they have in store down the line”.