Horror As Giant Coronavirus Wreaks Havoc On Olympics Opening Ceremony


“THIS IS what we were afraid of, this is what we warned but none of you fools would listen,” screamed Japanese virologists as they fled the Tokyo 2020 Olympic stadium as a giant pulsating coronavirus particle climbed the facade of the stadium, roaring into the night sky in an ominous fashion.

Organisers desperate for the games to go ahead because of that sweet advertising revenue and branding sponsorship were seen using flamethrowers on several athletes who had recently tested positive for Covid-19, but were completely unprepared for this.

With just 30% of the population having received their first dose of the vaccine, fears were that the large scale and far reaching games would have a potentially devastating impact on the country at large, whose population who had grown sceptical of hosting the games.

“This is even worse than the massive infrastructure bill we’ve been lumped with by the IOC,” decried one Japanese man fleeing the scene amid the sound of the stadium mental screeching and buckling under the weight of the giant Coronavirus.

As the Coronavirus laid waste to performers, paper lanterns, Olympics rings the IOC released a stadium confirming the opening ceremony ‘went perfectly and was a huge success’.

Such was the chaos, cameras in the stadium lost track of the Coronavirus but reports suggest it leveled many buildings in downtown Tokyo before disappearing into ocean.

Elsewhere, local pervert Denis O’Lonergan made his disappointment clear that graphic hentai and pixelated mickeys weren’t a bigger part of the opening ceremony.