Conor McGregor Hires South William Street Waiter For New Pub


FOLLOWING his impressive double spinning roundhouse kicks which have wooed the nation, a South William Street waiter has secured a senior role in Conor McGregor’s new pub, The Black Forge Inn, as head beater off’er, WWN has learned.

The 90s undercut haircut owner is expected to begin his new role on July 5th and will solely be responsible for maintaining order in the outdoor seating area in front of the popular Drimnagh Road premises.

“We needed someone to deter any would be trouble makers who may bother staff and customers and this chap was the obvious choice for us,” a spokesperson for the newly refurbished bar said, “one of his main goals will be to keep that auld lad Conor punched in the bar a couple of years ago away as Conor barred him upon purchasing the place and our new staff member has full permission to take the head and all clean off him, or anyone else barred, with a spinning roundhouse kick”.

The move comes after the waiter was seen battling off a gang of violent men, despite being threatened and beaten with glass bottles, chairs and receiving multiple slaps during the incident.

“Conor will train the young lad in on how to punch mouthy punters and throwing missiles at things, whether is a trolley or bottle of water, Conor will teach him everything he nose,” the winking spokesman confirmed.

UPDATE: Conor McGregor has become the first person barred by the heroic barman after he refused to leave a cubicle in the gents toilets.