Lady Politician Says Sexism Needs To Be Tackled More Seriously


“WHY doesn’t she just bring her own chair everywhere?” remarked one man of lady politician Ursula von der Leyen’s call for EU nations to sign up to the Istanbul Convention in a bid to tackle violence against women.

Lady Von der Leyen’s comments came after Turkey’s withdrawal from the 47-nation Istanbul Convention but this has received little press next to normal, regular politician Recep Erdogan’s failure to provide the European Commission president with a seat at a recent meeting, incorrectly seen by many (women) as a glaring example of sexism.

“I’m more a headline man myself, don’t read beyond that, so you might be right – this girl might have made a serious statement about violence against women but I only go for half-arsed reading which brings me to my next point, what’s wrong with the sofa like?

“They’re comfy, typical woman overreacting, does she expect to treated like a Queen? What is she anyway… oh, European Commission president? Well, what do you expect from that Turkish dictator lad, she’s lucky he didn’t try to kiss her or worse,” added another person, with a well though out interjection, who could haved masked his sexism perfectly if he just threw in criticism of the EU vaccine rollout.

“Typical out of touch elitist – knickers in a twist over a seat? And before you saying anything, I can say that as a woman. What about real oppression of women?” said one woman of von der Leyen’s speech she had no interest in which the leader said “as a leader I can speak up and make myself heard. But what about the millions of women who can not? Women who are hurt every day in every corner of our planet, who do not have the power or cannot speak up?”

For more poor reporting which feeds your resentment of people based on your own prejudices, just follow the news.