Fears Iran-Backed ‘Hashed Al-Shaabi’ Radicalised By Wallace & Daly After Visit


A CONTROVERSIAL visit by Irish MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace to the Middle East has raised fears locally in Iraq that Hashed al-Shaabi, a group labeled as Iran-backed terrorists by some, have been radicalised by the MEPs.

“It’s doing my head in, the lads have completely abandoned shooting practice and just spend their day non-stop give out about NAMA,” confirmed one Hashed al-Shaabi leader.

“We have a very strict dress code when it comes to para-military fatigues and the like, but they took one look at Mick and now it’s wall to wall pink,” sighed the man.

“You do know that keeping our location a secret is important so no one drone bombs us? Well, thanks to Mick the lads have 15 delivery vans rocking up here every day filled new pink clothes”.

“And Clare, sure every second word out of their mouths now is ‘American Imperialism’ but in fairness it was like that before the visit too,” explained a frustrated recruiter, who is down 30 fighters after they left the camp to join the Debenhams picket line.

“There’s a bit of pro-choice talk which we’ll have to nip in the bud too, this visit has been a disaster”.

There are also concerns that some members of the group have misappropriated funds from Hashed al-Shaabi in order to purchase season tickets for Wexford Youths.

“I honestly thought it’d be a simple case of exploiting some EU politicians so we could use them to legitimise ourselves and drive recruitment, but I feel like they’re the ones who tricked us,” said the recruiter as several fighters downed tools to set up Free-Assange Twitter accounts.