Queues Of People Apply For Teaching Position At St Gerard’s In Bray


THE N11 is at a standstill as a queue of people stretching for miles made up of individuals claiming to be teachers seek to gain a teaching position at St Gerard’s Catholic School in Bray, county Wicklow.

“Oh, I’ve always had a passion for education, why, my passion probably started ever since I heard it could get me a vaccine on the sly,” confirmed one person as they tried to jam their CV through the packed letter box at St Gerard’s.

“The last time I saw this many teachers in one place Coppers was still open,” confirmed one onlooker, who like the thousands of teachers queuing for a vaccine, was not a teacher at all up until a few days ago.

“Yes, I’m definitely a teacher. I’ll teach English, Maths, Geography, Ethics, anything,” confirmed one Beacon Hospital cancer patient in the queue, obviously deemed not as worthy of a vaccine as a teacher in a private school in a different county.

The public anger remains palpable as the fallout continues. While the Beacon Hospital allocated 20 vaccines to teachers at the school the children of the hospital’s CEO attend, the HSE reportedly suspended the hospital’s vaccine administration moments before one Beacon staff member attempted to get a vaccine for their daughter’s pony, while another was in tears after failing to get their pool cleaner vaccinated.

Elsewhere, the Irish public expressed that it really expected much better from a hospital owned by Denis O’Brien.