St. Patrick Facts You May Not Know


GET to know Ireland’s patron saint better with these lesser known facts about St. Patrick:

Credited with using the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, St. Patrick was actually trying to explain the concept of the 3-in-1 Chinese to the Irish.

St Patrick was Ireland’s first official entry to the Eurovision appearing in a duet alongside St Bridget, singing the Phil Coulter penned song ‘Patience of a Saint’.

His dying words were “don’t name that mountain after me, I fucking hated climbing that yoke”.

Until his dying day Patrick was adamant ‘that sneaky prick’ Walt Disney stole the idea for Darby O’Gill and the Little People from him.

The two ‘Patrick’s Theory’: it was once speculated by a number of historians that a lot of traditions ascribed to Patrick actually came from Palladius. However, this was later debunked after it was revealed Palladius was the alter-ego deployed by Patrick when he was on the pull up in Dublin and trying to show off to women.

Despite being an active shepherd the highest a Patrick trained bordie collie finished at Crufts was 11th place.

In Letter to Coroticus Patrick denounced the treatment of Irish Christians at the hands of the British, marking the first recorded historical instance of ‘the Brits being at it’.

Famously St. Patrick was enslaved by Irish pirates, something Irish Catholics took too much to heart in the centuries to come in its treatment of women.

Snakes everywhere in the world in the 21st century were shocked to discover that Irish people still to this day revere and celebrate ‘snake Hitler’ as some sort of noble symbol of Ireland.

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