UPDATE: Irish State Not Done Making Things Worse For Mother & Baby Home Survivors


AS PREDICTED by anyone with an understanding of the Irish State, the government is to continue declining polite suggestions it try not to make life any harder for survivors of the Mother and Baby Homes.

“We’re destroying tapes of people’s interviews now. Like, there’s next to know reason for it. Didn’t even let some of the survivors know we’re doing it. We’re basically heartless bureaucratic bastards,” said a spokesperson for the Department of What The Fuck Are You Going To Do About It.

The controversial Mother and Baby Homes Report has been criticised by survivors who say their testimonies was largely omitted and not accounted for in the report, and that now the recordings of their personal interviews represent the last true account of the injustices suffered.

“Sure we could listen to these people, respect their wishes and work hard to find a workable solution, but we told those giving evidence the recordings would be destroyed,” confirmed the spokesperson, directly contradicting information leaflets given to survivors which made no mention of destroying recordings.

Asked why the sudden urgency in erasing the recordings, the government said it was rude to interrupt someone when they were in the middle of important white washing.

“Oh look, they probably consented to destroying the recordings on the recordings we destroyed, but they’re destroyed now so guess we’ll never know. What’s big deal? This is the Irish state we’re talking about, it’s not like we have a long history of protecting those at the top at all costs,” added the spokesperson, satisfied they had done an indecent day’s work.

Those seeking more answers from the government have been told no matter the specific nature of their queries the government will likely answer “GDPR concerns” before running away.