Vin Diesel Changes Name To Vin Electric To Avoid Carbon Tax


AMERICAN movie star Vin Diesel has confirmed he has changed his name via deed poll to Vin Electric over increasing taxes targeting environmentally unfriendly surnames, WWN has learned.

Citing huge income tax bills Mr. Electric is set to reduce his tax contributions by a staggering 8%, sparking a flood of similar name changes across the world.

“It’s a no brainer really,” began local man Thomas Briquette, who applied for a name change today. “I think it’s really important to do your bit for the environment and if it involves changing your whole identity then so be it”.

Carbon tax has become a huge factor in combatting climate change over the past two decades and has been proven to be solely responsible for the hole in the ozone layer healing.

“Even the sheer mention of carbon tax sends the climate shaking in its boots,” insists Ireland’s Green Party leader, Eamon Ryan, “taxing carbon, the most abundant element on the planet, is the way forward in tackling environmental issues and we welcome Mr. Electric’s decision to dumping his smelly old Diesel name”.

The 53-year-old actor said in a brief interview that he was now happy to keep the Electric name but hoped he doesn’t have to change it again.

“I was originally named Vin Petrol, but then the environmentalists said petrol was bad so I changed it years ago to Diesel,” he confirmed, “lets hope they don’t change their minds again about electric as this could all get very confusing for my career as a big name Hollywood actor”.